Firegard AQUA

Firegard Aqua is a water based low VOC fire retardant paint based on Latest Research and Technological Developments in this field. It permeates into the surface to make it highly flame retardant and imparts properties which resists spreads of flame. The flames die out by itself due to its unique self-extinguishing properties. 

In the presence of heat or flame, a reaction forms a thick sponge-like cellular foam layer upon a heated surface which has considerable insulating value thus retarding the flame spread. It’s revolutionary technology saves on precious lives and properties. It is a must to protect steel structures against collapse.

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  • Easy to Use

  • Easy to Clean

  • Excellent flame resistance

  • Good Water Resistance

  • Unique Self Extinguishing Properties

  • Non Toxic

  • Low Odour

  • Low Voc

Areas of Application