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About Acro Paints

Acro Paints Limited manufactures a wide range of Architectural paints, High-performance paints, and Specialized coatings. Through continuous research and development and assimilation of the latest technology, innovative products are created and integrated into specific solutions

Acro Paints Legacy - Acro Paints

Acro Paints Legacy

“The history of Acro Paints goes back over 70 years”

Acro Paints has a legacy of more than seven decades; we are equipped with the most modern Research & Development labs under the supervision of highly experienced paint technologists and have prestigious projects to our credit throughout India and abroad.

Acro brands represent product excellence and customer satisfaction. The products are a market leader in their respective fields. The range includes Silicon acrylic emulsions, Acrylic emulsions for interiors and exteriors, a range of Italian Designer Finishes, World-Class Textured Wall Finishes, Premium Cement paints, a range of High performance and Specialized coatings, world standard Construction chemicals, Waterproofing systems, Concrete additives, admixtures and much more.

Acro Products are marketed countrywide through a network of C&F’s; distributors, stockists, and dealers are facilitating a closer reach to their valued customers. The company is the first to introduce the latest Ceramised granites, Rock finishes, Renaissance art as they are most popular the world over. Acro Paints aims to provide complete solutions to House owners, Builders, Decorators, Architects, Engineers for their requirements for building protection and maintenance. It has now introduced rapidly drying Surfacing poly planters, Insulation paints, Hygiene Coatings, Stucco finishes, Faux coatings, etc.

Acro Paints Legacy - Acro Paints

India’s No.1- Multi Functional Textured Wall Finishes

Acro Paints is a pioneer of high-performance Textured Wall Finishes in the country. Acro Textures are the Latest of Japanese and European range of wall finishes. They provide high build flexible yet durable designer textures to soothe one’s imagination and creativity. Acro Textures provide permanent finishes that save on recurring maintenance costs. Acro Textures protect & decorate surfaces to reinforce them. They are based on high-performance Acrylic emulsions with silicone, Inorganic pigments, siliceous minerals, Algicides, Fungicides, Surfactants, etc. Acro Textures provide unique features so essential yet missing in conventional/lookalike finishes.

Acro Paints Legacy - Acro Paints


The company has invested efficiently and proactively to set up a very strong infrastructure for capital investment in technology and nursing talent, and expert human resources. Acro Paints has the infrastructure for anything that even the most discerning paint customer may desire be it an individual, a contractor, or an industry.

Acro Paints Legacy - Acro Paints

Manufacturing & Logistics

Diversified paint and coating systems are provided to match the user’s needs. It is essential to have a flexible system for production and distribution that enables us to have a wide range of products. Our facilities utilize a combination of flexible manufacturing systems that allow us to carry out centralized control of the entire manufacturing process from raw material procurement to production, its process monitoring, quality control to final product delivery, all keeping in mind human resource safety. This system also helps us to enforce efficiency and energy savings.
Acro has developed many flexible logistic strategies to ensure efficient service levels to our customers. In addition, as market conditions constantly evolve, so does our supply chain management enabling us to have among the best in industry turnaround times.

Acro Paints Legacy - Acro Paints

Marketing & Technical Services

Our product line-up covers a wide array of fields ranging from construction chemicals and waterproofing products for social infrastructure such as roads, bridges, tunnels, etc., up to home applications such as housing interior and exterior coatings, wooden and steel furniture coatings, and hygiene coatings and therefore has various paint specifications. Accordingly, our salespeople need in-depth knowledge about industries and applications where our products are used, in addition to the expertise on our products themselves.

Purchasers of our products can generally be divided into retail customers, projects, and industrial users. To respond to any request from those customers, our sales and technical staff work together closely in teams to offer optimal products to our customers, backed up by our advanced knowledge and ongoing skill training programs for our employees and seminars. Through these training programs, we at Acro are making efforts to enhance our employees & ability and customer-oriented consciousness.

Our customer-centric approach enables us to evolve our products and services with our customer’s requirements. In addition, continuous product and service training imparted to our marketing and sales staff means that we can delight our customers and channel partners

Acro Paints Legacy - Acro Paints

World Class Standards

The manufacturing plants have state-of-the-art facilities with one of the largest production capacities. The In-house R&D unit has highly advanced facilities to adapt and assimilate the latest technology into the product range, enabling the export of products amidst stiff international competition. Acro Paints meets the international statutory regulations of Quality Management Systems is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company , Environment Management System and is an ISO 14001:2015 and Occupational Health & Safety Management System is an ISO 45001:2018 (OH &S).

Acro Paints Legacy - Acro Paints

Innovation Excellence

Acro Paints Limited manufactures a wide range of Architectural paints, High-performance paints, and Specialized coatings. Through continuous research and development and assimilation of the latest technology, innovative products are created and integrated into specific solutions.

The company is operating a technical service division to suggest solutions to specific queries. The company has modern production facilities across India, where a range of products is manufactured with state-of-the-art technology. Our driving force is the name ‘Acro.’ which suggests “The Topmost” in Greek.

Acro Paints Legacy - Acro Paints

Research & Developments

Acro has a multi-faceted approach to R & D. We strive to improve product and process sophistication while pursuing environmental impute reduction.

Acro has invested extensively in setting up a state of art research and development center and nurturing human resources.

Our R&D department, lead by industry veterans, has enabled us to be among the leaders by bringing to market environmentally friendly coating products, including water-based paints, textured coatings, hybrid coatings, high performance architectural and industrial coatings.

Research & Developments


We aim to meet the demands & challenges of the future based on our current research & development strength, explore new advanced technologies, and create innovative products according to our customer’s current and future requirements.

Through our continuous research & development, we want to develop technologies that would ensure environment-friendly products to protect our environment. Our ISO 9001: 2015 certification is a testimony of our commitment and dedication to achieve quality, safety, and environmental excellence.

Research & Developments

Cooperate Philosophy

We at Acro Paints firmly believe in manufacturing and supplying products of various types for use as per the requirements and expectations of our customers. It is our committed policy to meet all our requirements of ISO 9001:2015 even to surpass them, to consistently market niform quality and continuous improvement through reviews in all our operations and continue to delight our customers.

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  • Strong Team Work
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  • Continuous Progression