Cork Plast – Acro Cork

Based on the latest cutting-edge technology,Acrocork provides an excellent protection and effectively contributes to Acoustic and Thermal insulation of walls. Its cells make it an excellent Insulation and sound absorber. It is available in my riad shades and is based on crosslinked high-performance resins. It has very goods sound absorption and is water repellent and breathable. It is an elastomeric finish as external and internal plasters.

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  • Alkali Resistant

  • Excellent Weather Resistance

  • Good Flexibility & Adhesion

  • Algae & Fungus Resistance

  • Breathes Out Trapped Moisture

  • Water Repellent

  • UV Resistant

  • Fire Retardant prolongs the life of the structure

  • Bridges Hairline Cracks

  • Value for Money

Areas of Application