ACROPREG is a clear silicone resin-based solvent containing masonry water repelLant impregnation agent, when maintenance of natural colour of the substrate is called for’

When mineral building materials come in contact with water, they absorb varying amounts of moisture, depending upon their porosity. This can result in damage to the buildings whose exterior walls like brickwork, concrete, cement rendering, natural or cast stone have been left protected. AcroPreg is ideal for such situations, without impairing the natural colour.

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  • High durable

  • Economical

  • Damp-proof, heat-reflective

  • Liquid instant leak plugging

  • Nonflammable & pollution free

  • Excellent bonding strength

  • Algae and fungus resistant

  • Weather resistance

  • Reduce maintenance cost

  • Prevents seepages from the ceiling and walls

  • Water absorption can be decreased

  • Protection from Environmental Effects

  • Extremely useful for Blindside Work

  • Provides a reliable secondary barrier against rainwater, moisture and ground water ingress into the concrete

  • Smooth Finish

  • Non-Toxic suitable for contact with Drinking Water

  • Protects against the effects of concrete carbonation, efflorescence or salt petering

  • Waterproofing protection of up to 7 bar hydrostatic pressure

  • High sheen, brilliant white colour and thick coat results in a high levels of heat reflectance

  • Reduces carbon dioxide and chloride ion diffusion thus protecting rebars against corrosion

  • Unmatched crack bridging ability due to elastomeric properties

  • Reinforced with fibres for superior abrasion resistance

  • Strong adhesion to masonry substrates

  • Single pack, easy to apply by brush /roller and simple recoating

  • Acropoxy BA can be applied to both dry and wet surfaces.

  • Far greater bond strength than the tensile strength of the concrete. Most suitable for structural bonding of new to existing concrete.

  • Special slow set hardener is available on request

  • Reliable * Produced under strict quality control.

  • It compensates plastic shrinkage and natural settlement in cementitious grouts.

  • It gives high fluidity with lower W/C ratio for easier placement and injection.

  • Chloride Free – no corrosion.

  • Reliable – produced under rigid quality control and quality shall never vary.

  • Its grading given optimum strength and durability to the finished floor being on-oxidising

  • Easy cleaning

  • Impact resistance

  • It is very suitable for such concrete which are plain cured

  • It reduces the dusting

  • Increases production rate

  • Increases compressive and flexural strengths

  • Improves visual appeal, color, and texture

  • Reduces absorption rates

  • Reduces breakage and culls

  • Reduces efflorescence potential

  • Potential cement and pigment reduction

  • Extends life of mold and other machine parts

  • Fast and efficient

  • Easy to use, only mix with water

  • Better bonding strength

  • Can be grouted within 24 hours without waiting for the moisture to evaporate.

  • Applicable on existing tiles, many special substrates like polished cement, drywall system, etc.

  • Thinner layer

  • Promotes good compaction with easier placement at high ambient temperature

  • Extends placing and compaction times of larger hours

  • Rapid strength gains-higher strength without increase in cement

  • Reliability: Most consistent quality and rigid control

  • Extremely high workability speeds construction

  • Reduced segregation with increased cohesion

  • Application by hand operated or power driven units, saves, time labour and money

  • Curing efficiency is above 90%

  • Provides hard wearing surface and prevents dusting

  • Most versatile – suitable on all types of formwork, wood, metals, plastic etc.

  • Economical coverage rates by spraying

  • Dries in 1-2 hours and is then not affected by rain

  • Life to shutter or formwork increases

  • Speedy development of initial hardness – minimise maintenance disruption

  • Highly chemical resistant against acids, alkalis and industrial chemicals

  • Natural concrete colour – any other colour is available on request

  • Outstanding resistance to water, weather and abrasion

  • Excellent wetting properties enhance Adhesion to substrate and over coating

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