Acro Healthpro

Acro Healthpro – Aspetic Coating is unique against bacterial infection in Hospitals, Food Processing Areas, Kitchens, Laboratories, X-ray room, Operation Theatre, Pharmaceutical Production Area and Homes Public Places etc. The coating system is based on the latest Silver Ion Technology which eliminates Health & Safety problems and offers a highly durable, smooth, eggshell/mid-sheen finish with excellent resistance to cleaning chemicals, impact and abrasion. It is water thinnable and maintains a sterile surface with active ingredients to kill or inhibits bacterial and fungal growth for many years.

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  • Silver Ion Technology

  • Tough & High Density

  • Prevents Bacterial Growth

  • Excellent Dirt Pickup Resistance

  • Excellent Washability

  • Crack Bridging Ability

  • Excellent Water Resistance

  • Non Toxic

  • Resists Degradation

  • Low Voc

  • Fire Resistant

  • Algal & Fungus Resistance

  • Micro Sieve Technology

Areas of Application