Acro Healthpro

Acro Healthpro – Aspetic Coating is unique against bacterial infection in Hospitals, Food Processing Areas, Kitchens, Laboratories, X-ray room, Operation Theatre, Pharmaceutical Production Area and Homes Public Places etc. The coating system is based on the latest Silver Ion Technology which eliminates Health & Safety problems and offers a highly durable, smooth, eggshell/mid-sheen finish with excellent resistance to cleaning chemicals, impact and abrasion. It is water thinnable and maintains a sterile surface with active ingredients to kill or inhibits bacterial and fungal growth for many years. Conventionally painted surfaces can support large colonies of harmful bacterial and fungal growth, which in some cases can feed off the paint film. Acro Healthpro has the latest micro sieve technology, which enables it to filter harmful formaldehyde present in air into water vapour, thus sanitizing the environment. It is widely recommended by medical fraternity. 


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  • Silver Ion Technology

  • Tough & High Density

  • Prevents Bacterial Growth

  • Excellent Dirt Pickup Resistance

  • Excellent Washability

  • Crack Bridging Ability

  • Excellent Water Resistance

  • Non Toxic

  • Resists Degradation

  • Low Voc

  • Fire Resistant

  • Algal & Fungus Resistance

  • Micro Sieve Technology

Areas of Application