Acro Elastocarb

Acro Elastocarb is an elastomeric crosslinking emulsion coating for painting exterior Walls/Masonry/Rcc/Concrete to protect it against chemical and extreme weathering conditions. It is based on elastomeric acrylic polymers with excellent resistance against washing and elasticity and forms an effective anti-carbonation barrier. Owing to its elasticity, the product resists any thermal expansion of the surface and is highly recommended for surfaces featuring fissures and slight cracks. 

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  • Crack Bridging Ability

  • Excellent Anti Carbonation Properties

  • Excellent Weathering Properties

  • UV Resistance

  • Excellent Colour Retention

  • Exceptional Dirt Pickup Resistance

  • Fire Resistant

  • Crosslinking Elastomeric Resins Technology

  • Abbrasion Resistant

  • Washable

  • Ease of Application

  • Low Voc

Areas of Application