Acro Cera Insul

Acro Paints Ltd. is a pioneer of high performance Speciality Coatings in the country. Acro brands represent product excellence and customer satisfaction. Acro range of specialized coatings represent the latest technology in problem centric Smart Coatings as are a rage the world over. Energy costs of keeping the buildings cooler or heated are increasing day by day. Nearly all the building materials absorb and transfer 80% to 90% of heat. Standard insulation techniques slow down the rate of transfer of the heat absorbed by the walls and roofs. Acro Cera Insul refract, reflect and dissipate heat. It can cut down energy costs from 10 to 25% as per conditions. It further reduces heating/cooling times.

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  • Thermo Flask Effect

  • Heat Reflect Technolohy

  • High Durablity

  • Washable

  • UV Resistance

  • Excellent Color Reflection

  • Low Voc

  • Enviroment Friendly

Areas of Application