ACRO CEMPRlME is a superior polymer emulsion-based liquid Primer /Sealer primarily used as a base coat for Super Acrocem cement paint for both interiors as well as exterior applications. lt is used for priming of plastered walls asbestos concrete. brickworks, etc.

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  • Increase water resistance

  • Increase life of paint film

  • Alkali resistance

  • Low viscosity

  • It seals pores in unpainted surfaces such as drywall and wood.

  • It covers imperfections such as parts of the wall that have been patched or repaired.

  • It provides a surface for the paint to stick to.

  • It helps block out stains and odors.

  • It brings the paint color back to neutral so when the new paint goes on in its true color.

  • It optimizes the surface so fewer coats of top coat paint are needed

Areas of Application