Acro Armour

Acro Armour is a high-performance solvent-free acrylic-based abrasion-resistant polyurethane paint for overall protection against extreme usage and weathering conditions. The product combines the resistance properties of polyurethane and provides U.V. Resistance, thermal expansion and contraction, breath ability, elasticity, water resistance, etc. The product is solvent free, water thinnable and eco-friendly.

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  • Based on polyisocynate resins

  • It exhibits excellent weather resistance

  • excellent exibility and Adhesion

  • resistant to chemicals

  • acids and alkalis.

  • Thermal expansion and contraction

  • Algae & fungus resistance

  • Good abrasion and scratch resistance properties

  • Light fast & UV resistant

  • Washable

  • Retain gloss and color

  • Prolongs the life of the surface

Areas of Application