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Feng Shui / Vastu

Vaastu means ” house” or dwelling place. The principles of Vaastu establish to create a harmony between the fine elements in the environment.

Vaastu is directly related to nature, the earth’s invisible magnetic field but a powerful force that affects man’s life. Vaastu helps make a congenial setting or a place to live and work most scientifically, taking advantage of nature’s benefits, elements, and energy fields for enhanced health, wealth, prosperity, and happiness. The Vaastu science mainly deals with man’s natural needs for living, like weather, winds, light, and the restrictions or passage of these natural sources in the dwelling.

Man, through the art of design, alters and molds the elements of the natural environment. The world comprises five basic elements – Earth, Sky, Air, Fire, and Water. They are also known as the Paanchbhootas. Among the nine planets, our planet has life because of the presence of these five elements.

  • Earth (Prithvi)
  • Sky (Aakaash
  • Air (Vaayu)
  • Fire (Agni)
  • Water (Jala)

Vaastu is a science and a bridge between man and nature. With the help of Vaastu, one can have a happy and peaceful life. Happy Vaastuing!

Feng Shui / Vastu

Role of Color in Feng Shui/Vastu

The ancient Chinese system of fengshui can tell you which colors will invite beneficial energies into your home and life. Here’s how:

To find out where the eight fengshui areas are located in your home:

  • See mapping a room with feng shui.
  • Find out which color is associated with what you need.
  • Paint that color on trim, a door, or a small wall, or find a colored object to place in the corresponding area.

The choice of your house color can help to create a smooth house hold harmony if you opt to apply the color schemes from the five elementary colors:


Stands for Power.

Authority or rank, associated with tolerance, acceptance, honesty, and trustworthiness. Good for the center of your home.


Represents growth.

Hope, longevity, and vitality. It represents lush growth, vegetation, and the rebirth of springtime. Perfect for the Family/Health area of your home.


Gives a heavy feeling

Brown is a natural colour found in earth, wood, and stone. It has nourishing energy, and is very popular in rich as well as light earthy tones and is associated with yummy chocolate, gourmet coffee and beautiful wood. Whereas light browns create a relaxed, cool living space.


Represents hope.

Represents blessings and is a calming, soothing color for meditation and contemplation. Good for the Knowledge area of your home.


It inspires softness

Combination of red and white, good for the Relationships/Romance area of your home


Adds peace and happiness

Spiritual and moral purity. Good for the Creativity/Children area of your home.


Signifies balance and resolution of conflict.

A color of connection. Good for the Helpful People/Travel area of your home.


It denotes happiness, warmth

Symbolizes virtue and truth. Red wards off evil, and its vibrancy is life-affirming. It is the color of life, luck, prosperity, power, glory, and happiness. Good for the Fame or Reputation area of your home


It is an auspicious color and inspires respect

It is a bright color; it is said to inspire respect. Similar function to red, can be used with red and gold to symbolize wealth. Associated with royalty and pageantry. Best for the Wealth area of your home.


Black is the color of authority and power

Seriousness and justice, deep waters, the darkness of winter. Not usually considered lucky, but when used in balance with other colors, it can absorb negative chi. Black or dark blue is best for the Career area of your home.


It inspires a warm, welcoming feeling

Peach is a simple soft colour, that can be a pastel hue or a bold bright peach which almost seems orange. It is a welcoming colour and its cozy feel make it an idea choice for bedrooms and family rooms. It can be used a dominant standalone colour or can be teamed well with yellows and whites to further brighten any living space.