Product Performance & Painting Application

Product Performance & Painting Application

Acro Paints strive to give you the highest quality products & services to continue delighting you and surpassing your expectations, weather you are a home owner, a project manager or large real estate developer .

Product performance does not depend solely product or formulation; it also depends on other variables such as condition & age of the surface to be painted, surface preparation and application and post application precautions if needed.

Sometimes however, complaints are received from our esteemed customers & we take them seriously to ensure that they are solved to your satisfaction after a through root cause analysis.

We have observed that product complaints generally occur due to factors other than product quality/ performance, external factors that effect that paint and the painted surface. Some of these factors are listed below:

  • Incorrect product used for incorrect application.
  • Surface preparation was not properly as per recommended guidelines.
  • Proper surface repairs are not carried out prior to painting.
  • Proper application and pre/post curing was not carried out in case of cement paints.
  • Sufficient quantity was not used & paints are over diluted to cover the area.
  • Genuine material was not procured.
  • Fungus/algae is not properly removed prior to painting.
  • Interior paint used in exteriors.
  • Undercoats such as primers & putty are left uncoated without top coat for longer than recommended.

These are some of the factors but not limited to just the ones mentioned above.

These deficiencies occur because of either inexperience, ignorance of technical guidance, contracts are undertaken at a very low price and subsequently corners are cut or some cases due to negligence.

Therefore, it is always advised that the customers are vigilant and should ensure that the work is given to an experienced and reputed contractor as much as possible & at a reasonable price. They should also ensure that material is bought only from authorized dealers.

Special care should always be taken that the directions from use as mentioned on all paint containers & technical literatures available on demand thru our websites are followed strictly ensuring a smooth and trouble free customer experience.

We have always laid emphasis on educating our customers, painter & dealers to obtain the best performance by providing easy to understand directions for use, offering free technical advisory service and sampling & colour preview facility. We also regularly hold technical seminars and workshops for the applicators, masons, painters & contractors to improve their skills & knowledge.

We would like to invite our customers to interact with us on a regular basis so that we may continue to provide ever-improving products and services while educating our customers on how to get the best bang for their buck.

It is very effort and customer & dealer support that has made Acro Paints one of the leading paint brands in India.